New Apparel by Mark It

Big THANK YOU to the kind and talented people at Mark It (formally AUDS N ENDS), located in Mount Horeb, WI, for their work on the team’s new apparel! We are very happy with the final products, so if you are looking for custom embroidery, screen printing, and/or promotional items for any occasion, make sure to contact Mark It.

The Engine is Out!

We tore the engine, exhaust, and more out of the Mooventure. This is the start of transitioning this 2009 Ford Escape into a fully electric SUV! Next step is to dismantle the engine so our members can get their hands dirty and learn a thing or two about engines!


2016 Engineering Bash


We had a great time speaking with the next generation of Badger engineering at the 2016 Engineering Bash. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and saw the Mooventure! We’re looking forward to another great year of progress transforming our Ford Escape into a fully electric vehicle!


Hybrid and Ford CEO Mark Fields

Barry and Sarah got the opportunity to meet Ford CEO Mark Fields during their summer internships at Ford Motor Company. Mark spoke to all the interns about the company and shared some of his tips on being successful.

Sarah (left) and Barry (right) meet Ford CEO Mark Fields (middle)

Thank you Turbo Talk!

Team members Alex Bare, Jimmy Dieck, and Sarah Murphy drove the Moovada to the Turbo Talk radio show in Sun Prairie yesterday to talk about the program and upcoming plans. They had an awesome time and will return to Turbo Talk as projects progress. The Engineering Expo is at the Engineering Centers Building tomorrow (Fri 4/15)! Stop by the automotive shop to find out more about the team! We’ll be available from 9am to 2pm.

Moovada Expo Pic
The Moovada at the Sun Praire Media Center

Moovada Progress

The Moovada went on a long distance test drive last night for the first time since the diesel powertrain issues were fixed. All went well and we’re looking forward to finishing up the electrified powertrain!

Moovada Black&White
The Moovada at the Capitol during testing.