Thank you Turbo Talk!

Team members Alex Bare, Jimmy Dieck, and Sarah Murphy drove the Moovada to the Turbo Talk radio show in Sun Prairie yesterday to talk about the program and upcoming plans. They had an awesome time and will return to Turbo Talk as projects progress. The Engineering Expo is at the Engineering Centers Building tomorrow (Fri 4/15)! Stop by the automotive shop to find out more about the team! We’ll be available from 9am to 2pm.

Moovada Expo Pic
The Moovada at the Sun Praire Media Center

Mover and Shaker Award – April 1st – Jake Moffatt

Congratulations to Jake Moffatt for receiving the Mover and Shaker award on April 1st! Jake has been with the team for three years and has dedicated a lot of his time to the load dissipation system in the dyno room. After his hard work, he was recently able to get a test fixture working and is now preparing to add more heating elements to handle more power. This load dissipation system will allow us to do transient testing on engines and is certainly a step in the right direction for the team. Thanks Jake for all your great work!

Barry Shepherd (left), our team leader, with Jake Moffatt (right) and his load dissipation test set up.

Mover and Shaker Award – Dmitrii Turygin – 3/11/16

Dmitrii Turygin is motivated, intelligent, and ready to learn every time he is in the shop.  Recently, he obtained his CNC 3 permit upgrade for the student shop here on campus, which is a great achievement. He is currently working hard to design new coil springs for the Moovada because we are designing a new/heavier high voltage battery system to go the rear of the vehicle. He is also using his time on spring break to develop part of the new battery box that will house the high voltage batteries. Dmitrii is a dedicated worker and the team is lucky to have him – AND HE IS ONLY A FRESHMAN!

Dmitrii (left) and our team president, Barry (right).

Moovada_Coolant_Flow_TestThe mechanical team has been working hard to get the Moovada ready for an electrical powertrain overhaul. Pictured, they are testing the flow rate of a coolant pump. The data collected will help them assess the additional cooling needs for the Moovada’s new high voltage batteries.

Mover and Shaker Award – December 4 – Nate Karabon

On December 4, Nate Karabon received the Mover and Shaker award. Nate is a third year team member with the mechanical sub-team. Nate received the award for his consistency in helping with both vehicle work and outreach events throughout the semester. Congratulations Nate and thank you for all your hard work. The team wishes Nate the best of luck with his internship with Kohler engines this spring.

Team Leader Adam Susa (left) presents the Mover and Shaker award to Nate Karabon (right) for his work with the hybrid mechanical sub-team.
Team Leader Adam Susa (left) presents the Mover and Shaker award to Nate Karabon (right) for his work with the hybrid mechanical sub-team.

Mover and Shaker Award – November 13 – Roumen Guha

The Mover and Shaker Award was presented on November 13 to Roumen Guha. Roumen is a second year member of the Controls and Electrical sub-team, and received the award for his ongoing efforts to on the hybrid demo box and for his working to determine the potential of reusing Mooventure hardware. Congratulations and thank you Mr. Guha for all your hard work!

Roumen Guha (left) receives the Mover and Shaker award from Team Leader Adam Susa (right) for his work with the hybrid controls and electrical sub-team.

Mover and Shaker Award – October 30 – Dmitrii Turygin

The Mover and Shaker Award is given out to team members who have demonstrated extra ambition and dedication to the team success and future progress.

The first award of the 2015-16 school year goes to Dmitrii Turygin! Dmitrii is a new member of the hybrid team this year. He has been incredibly committed to the team, attending all team outreach events. He has been particularly dedicated in his work outside of regular meeting hours, spending an entire weekend in the shop to help pull the Moovada engine for a clutch repair and helping extensively getting the eMoove ready for an upcoming test drive. Congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work Mr. Turygin! We look forward to seeing what you will do from here!

20151110_Mover-Shaker_Dmitrii (2)
Adam Susa (left) presenting the Mover and Shaker award to new member Dmitrii Turygin (right).