Team Members


Name: Grant Allen

Year in School: Senior, 5.5years

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 1 year

Duties: I’m the Mechanical Leader (Fall 2012) so I get to manage all the mechanical team work on the vehicles. Organize and assist with projects in the automotive shop.

Individual/Team Goals: Save the planet from those terrible combustion engines.

Name: Kaylan (Kay) Bailey

Year in School: Super Senior, which means I’m going to have a super final year.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 2 years, I’m going on my 5th semester

Duties: I’m the Outreach Leader, so I mainly work on the website, order apparel and plan events for the team. I’m also on the mechanical team so I help wherever I can.

Individual/Team Goals: To teach all the  new members about CAD, basic machining and safety. Also to get the new team website set up, and my team goal is to get RCCI finished in the eMoove and started in the Moovada before I graduate.

Name: Kevin Blair

Year in School: Junior

Major: Computer Engineering

Duration on HVT: Going on my 3rd year

Duties: Writing controls code and routing, and maintenance of the low voltage systems

Individual/Team Goals: I would like to see the team have a fully functional and reliable series hybrid by the end of the next school year.

Name: Mike Carlson

Year in School: Senior

Major: Electrical Engineering and Clarinet Performance

Duration on HVT: 4years

Duties: As the Controls/Electrical Team Leader I’m responsible for the high voltage and low voltage wiring in the car and writing the controls algorithm for our vehicles

Individual/Team Goals: I hope to get both our vehicles to an operational state including extra features such as power steering, cruise control, and also add in-dash driver information screens.

Name: Ben David

Year in School: 4th year

Major: Biological Systems Engineering-Machine Systems Emphasis

Duration on HVT: 2nd semester

Duties:Work on controls projects, assist in mechanical projects when necessary

Individual/Team Goals: Improve ability with Simulink, have the eMoove fully functional by the end of the semester.


Name: Lester Doniec

Graduation year: May 2014

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT:  2 years

Duties: As the mechanical team leader I help assign and lead mechanical team members through specific projects, ensure projects are on track, update goals and progress to the rest of the team, and help organize mechanical team goals.

Individual/Team Goals: To learn the most I can while working on the vehicle and to keep things organized in order to achieve the ultimate goal of building a hybrid vehicle.

Name: Ben Gooding

Year in School: Junior

Major: Computer Engineering

Duration on HVT: 3years

Duties: Mainly responsible for high voltage systems and driver information systems

Individual/Team Goals: Integrate the genset into the current high voltage system and develop a sleek, snazzy, easy to use, and helpful driver information system for the team’s vehicles.

Name: Brian Lee

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 2.5 years, off and on

Duties: I am the Mechanical Leader (Spring 2013)  so I just do what I do best, working hard in the shop and contributing wherever I can for making the team successful

Individual/Team Goals: To get back into the swing of things after being abroad and having co-ops. As a team goal I want to help with the implementation of the RCCI in the eMoo.

Name: Brennan Lunzer

Year in School: Junior

Major: Biological Systems Engineering

Duration on HVT: 3rd Semester

Duties: Currently working on the fuel system otherwise whatever project needs an extra hand.

Individual/Team Goals: Gain as much hands on experience as possible before graduating

Name: Jess Phillips

Year in School: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 5th semester

Duties: Work on mechanical and CAD projects to help with the implementation of the RCCI engine into the car.

Individual/Team Goals:

Individual: Learn more about the car and how it operates.  Be able to name everything in the engine bay by the end of the year.

Team: Be able to take a running car all around Madison.  In other words, work hard so we can have a fully functional car.


Name: Bradley Price

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 2 years

Duties: Work on the car and assist with other projects in the automotive shop

Individual/Team Goals: Gain as much hands-on experience with hybrid technology as possible.  Also improve my communication and leadership abilities, and assist in creating an original and fully operational hybrid vehicle.

Name: Jake Riederer

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 3years, pert near

Duties: Keep everyone on track and work on the car

Individual/Team Goals:


  • Improve my leadership skills of an organization of multiple levels
  • Build upon design, welding, and machining skills


  • Further alternative combustion research by building a fully functional engine dynamometer
  • Improve the drivability state of existing cars
  • Embark on additional research in automotive systems to spread the knowledge base of the UW-Hybrid team

Name: Matt Sadajak

Year in School: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 3rd Semester

Duties: Work on mechanical projects for getting RCCI implemented in the eMoo

Individual/Team Goals: Individually-To improve my design and fabrication skills. Team-To get the car running RCCI

Name: Brandon Schmidt

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 1 year

Duties: Mainly assisting with mechanical projects on the car.

Individual/Team Goals: Apply engineering practices that I’ve learned from classes, and learn/gain more experience using CAD.

Name: Rishi (Rish) Shah

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 2 years, going on my 5th semester

Duties: 2nd in command and work on the car

Individual/Team Goals: Learn as much as possible about hybrid technology, and become a better leader.  By graduation, have the vehicle fully operable! Have a plan for the following year.  Become a more organized team by documenting and creating procedures so future teams can look back and understand what we did and how we did it.

Name: Shawn Spannbauer

Year in School: 1st year Graduate Student

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: Just started

Duties: Engine control and RCCI implementation

Individual/Team Goals: Goals for the team: Have a fully functioning, reliable RCCI series-hybrid vehicle finished by December 2013

Name: David Stone

Year in School: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on HVT: 5th Semester

Duties: Lead and assist in the design, fabrication, and integration of components and systems into the hybrid vehicle.Help the new members with their projects.

Individual/Team Goals: My individual goals for this semester are to gain more CAD experience and learn a little more about controls. I would love to see the team finally finish a fully functional hybrid-electric vehicle so we can show off our accomplishments.

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