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In the fall of 2004 the University of Wisconsin entered in a 4 year competition sponsored by the Department of Energy and General Motors Company titled Challenge X. The challenge consists of 17 collegiate teams competing to design, fabricate and refine a Hybrid Vehicle suitable for consumer use based off of the Chevrolet Equinox Crossover SUV platform. The first year of competition concentrated on modeling, simulation and testing of the vehicle powertrain and subsystems using PSAT, a design simulation software. Teams that do sufficiently well in the first year of competition are awarded a 2005 Chevy Equinox through a generous gift from General Motors Corporation. The remaining years of the competition focus on implementing the plans developed in the first year. The primary goals of the Challenge X competition are to re-engineer a stock Chevy Equinox to minimize energy consumption, emissions, and greenhouse gases while maintaining or exceeding the vehicle's utility and performance.

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If you are interested in joining the Hybrid Vehicle Team please visit our Team page and follow the directions there. If you are interested in the UW Hybrid Formula Team you should visit their Google Groups page at UW Hybrid Formula Google Groups Homepage or contact Matt at .

May 11-21, 2008

The team competes the 2008 Challenge X Coast to Coast competition, the capstone in the 4 year competition sponsored by the Department of Energy and General Motors. Taking home 2nd place overall and a number of top awards, the team would like to thanks all of its sponsors, contributors and its tireless faculty advisor!
The University of Wisconsin - Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team has been accepted into the next competition, titled EcoCar, and is excited to begin designing and testing for this challenge. If you are attending UW as a student we encourage you to join our team in Fall by visiting our team page.

May 21, 2008

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covers the results of the competition, you can read the article here.

May 7, 2008

Final outreach report completed! You can find the report here or on our team page.

May 5, 2008

Whole Foods
The UWHVT attends an event at Whole Foods Organic Grocery Store to help educate the public on the progess of the Moovada.

May 4, 2008

Overture Center
The Moovada was displayed at the Overture Center on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

May 2, 2008

UW Memorial Union Terrace
The Hybrid Vehicle Team takes some time out of their busy finals schedule to do an event at the UW Memorial Union.

April 19, 2008

Science Expeditions
Members of the UWHVT attend and volunteer at the Science Expeditions state tournament held on the UW engineering campus.

April 17-20, 2008

Members of the Hybrid team take a road trip to SAE World Congress in Detroit Michigan. We really enjoyed seeing the new products that will be debuting in coming years as well as speaking with potential sponsors.

April 17, 2008

The Controls group headed up an event at Monona High School just outside of Madison, WI.

April 16, 2008

Parker High School
Janesville Parker High School received a visit from members of the UWHVT. Students were educated on the structure of the vehicle and the controls that make it a hybrid.

April 12, 2008

UW Madison 2008 Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad was held on the UW engineering campus, the team was there to help volunteer and display the Moovada.

April 12, 2008

UWHVT attended the Renewable energy summit and showed off the craftsmanship of the Moovada. Attendees were amazed by the attention to detail of the UWHVT.

April 3, 2008

Green Vehicle Workshop in Milwaukee
Team members attended the Green Vehicles Workshop and were able to talk to local leaders in green vehicle technology and sales.

March 12-14, 2008

The team attends the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit in Milwaukee, WI. The summit focuses on how renewable energy can help to create growth in Wisconsin's economy with the creation of a new labor class of "green collar" jobs like renewable energy consultants, engineers, and manufacturers. More information about the summit is available at the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit's homepage.

March 13, 2008

Outreach report completed, another major milestone out of the way to the 2008 Coast to Coast Challenge! You can find the report here or on our team page.

February 28, 2008

Hamilton Highschool in Milwaukee
The team heads to the Greater Milwaukee Car Show and Hamilton high school to display the Moovada and inform the public about new vehicle technologies. The car show was a success, with lots of interest and intelligent questions!

February 13, 2008

Spring Kickoff!
Join the team! We'll be holding our Spring Kickoff at 5:30pm on Wednesday, February 13th in the Mechanical Engineering Building - room 1106. If you can't make the meeting, feel free to contact one of our team leaders for more information on group meetings and how to get involved.

February 2008

  • We will be holding our spring kickoff meeting on Feb 13th 2008
  • The team has recently adopted a new logo
  • New website is under development, if you are wondering if we made any improvements, we invite you to compare to the old site!
  • We are in the process of scheduling public relations events for spring, if your company is interested in having the Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team attend your event please see our contact page.

February 1, 2008

Johnson Controls Incorporated logo Team heads to Johnson Controls to meet with the battery division with hopes of obtaining a next generation Lithium-Ion battery pack to replace the Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack currently in the Moovada.

January 6-12, 2008

Clarion Logo Team heads to the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team was able to send students on behalf of our Clarion sponsor, who has also donated a receiver and other stereo components for the Moovada. At CES we were able to see amazing next generation electronics and meet with companies interested in the Moovada!

January 2008

Challenge X and the team are featured on Jay Leno's GM Minute. Leno interviews some of the Challenge X teams, asking questions their vehicles, the technology involved, and their ultimate goals within the competition. The commentary following the video has a steep Wisconsin slant.

February 2007

Engineering Expo Hybrid Cover
Wisconsin Engineer, an engineering student magazine featured several student organizations participating in the 2007 Engineering Expo on the cover of the February edition, including the UW Hybrid Vehicle Team. In addition, the Wisconsin Engineer wrote a two page article exclusively on the UW Hybrid Vehicle Team, titled "UW-Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team drives towards the next generation of SUVs."

January 29, 2007

Emissions Testing in Austin Texas
The team traveled to Texas this weekend for on road emissions testing. While in Austin, TX there was a ride and drive event which attended by several media representatives. Look for an article on trip in the next edition of the Quarterly Cow!

February 3, 2007

The team semester kick-off was held in Rm. 1610 Engineering Hall. A video featuring the team and Challenge X was played followed by a talk about the hybrid team and what opportunities are available to people on the team. We then took a tour of the garage and capped off the evening with free pizza and soda

April 21, 2007

Expo Logo
Moovada exhibit receives an award as an excellent student organization exhibit in the 2007 Engineering Expo. Engineering Expo is hosted biannually by UW as a way to get the Madison community involved in the college and to inform the public about research taking place on campus.

October 23, 2006

UW Hybrid Equinox and Explorer
The band "Hot Buttered Rum" gave an alternative fuel car show in front Engineering Hall. This band uses a bus that runs on biodiesel and vegetable oil. You can read about the band here.

August 13, 2006

2006 Hybrid Team Kick-off
The Fall kick-off meeting was well attended!

July 21, 2006

2006 Madison Hybridfest
The team brought the Moovada to Hybridfest at the Sheraton during the Dane County Fair. Read here for one attendee's views.

June 8, 2006

UW Logo
The team takes second place overall in the 2006 Challenge X Competition. Read here for more information on the win.
Past event information is still available here.