About the Team

The UW Hybrid Vehicle Team is composed of undergraduate students at UW-Madison. Members come from all disciplines, engineering to philosophy.

Join the Team!

The Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team is always looking for more help! Absolutely no experience necessary, all skill and experience levels are welcome. Being active in the team is a great way to meet new people while developing hands on engineering skills that will set you apart from your peers. The first step is to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on meetings and events. Team meetings are held all days of the week, but the main meeting is Friday at 3:30pm in the Mechanical Engineering Building room 1153. Occasionally the meeting will be held at a different time or room as events dictate, so you are best to join the mailling list several days before you intend to attend a meeting.

Team Leaders

The team is subdivided into four major sub-teams:
Glenn Bower Faculty Advisor
Glenn "Poof" Bower
Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor is the main resource for the team. In additional to Glennís vast technical expertise and experience, he is instrumental in forging partnerships with industry, getting sponsorships and navigating the competitions.
Dan Mehr Team Leader
Dan Mehr
Team Leader

The team leader is responsible for all interactions between the organizers and the team. Additionally, the team leader keeps all the groups on the same page and on track with progress.
Ben Fjellanger Outreach Leader
Ben Fjellanger
Outreach Leader

The Outreach Group is responsible for writing the team's newsletter (Quarterly Cow), updating the team's website, and making public appearances.
Kevin Olikara Controls and Electrical Leader
Kevin Olikara
Controls and Electrical Leader

The Controls Group is responsible for the computer and sensor system in the car. The Controls Group also creates and maintains the software that controls the vehicle. The Electrical Group is responsible for the creation and installation of the electric motor and battery pack. The Electrical Group is also responsible for the upkeep and testing of the car's general electrical system.
Matt Michalak Drivetrain Leader   Nick Matthias Drivetrain Leader
Matt Michalak       Nick Matthias
Drivetrain Co-Leaders

The Drivetrain Group is responsible for positioning and installation of the engine into the car. The Drivetrain Group also works out the positioning and installation of the peripheral systems such as the cooling system, fuel system, air conditioning, and alternator.
Dave Nguyen Mechanical Leader
Dave Nguyen
Mechanical Leader

The Mechanical Group is responsible for the structural modifications to the car to accommodate the conversion to a hybrid electric vehicle. The Mechanical Group is also responsible for the drivetrain on the vehicle, and other systems such as suspension and brakes.

You can read more about some of our team members on our team details page.

Quarterly Cow

The Quarterly Cow is a mailing written by the Outreach Leader every quarter. It is an update on team progress and developments which is sent out to alumni and team sponsors as a way of keeping in contact with the team. Feel free to take a look.
Quarterly Cow Quarterly Cow Spring 2008
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Team Reports

Outreach Report Spring 2008
Final Outreach Report Spring 2008