Badger Bash 2012-Senior Day

It was the last home game of the Badger Football Season, this game is always dedicated to all the Seniors that will be graduating from UW-Madison. For some member on the Hybrid Vehicle Team this will be their final year as UW undergraduate students. Before the final game of the season took place, there was the Badger Bash at Union South on Saturday, where a few Seniors from the vehicle team volunteered some of their time to help drive the Bucky Wagon around Union South to give a grand entrance for the UW Marching Band Assistant Directors and Bucky.

Pictured (left to right): Brian Lee-Senior graduating in Spring 2013, Team Leader: Jake Riederer, Assistant Team Leader: Rishi Shah-Senior graduating in Spring 2013, and UW Marching Band Directors. (Picture taken by Outreach Leader:Kay Bailey- Senior graduating in Spring 2013)

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