Motor Mount Ready to Be Installed

Our mechanical team has been hard at work fabricating the motor mount that took months of design work to finalize. It is ready to be placed in the car and brings us one step closer to getting the Mooventure rolling! Thank you EMP again for your excellent metal work and support of the team.

Our motor and the mounts that will allow us to drop the motor and all its auxiliary components into the car. – April 14, 207

Battery and Battery Box Are In the Car!

The three batteries (two of them hidden by the battery box) installed in the back of the Mooventure. – April 2017

After many hours in the shop over spring break by our lead mechanic, Max, the battery and its enclosure are in the Mooventure. Coolant lines and wiring are all that’s needed to finish the electronics in the back end. Can’t wait to get this car moving!

Battery Enclosure and Motor Mount Progress

The first layer of our battery enclosure has been welded! This will be the base level for the box that holds the batteries in the back of the Mooventure. The jig for the second layer is set up and welding has begun!

The completed bottom layer of the battery enclosure on the optical table in our shop.
Custom jig for the 2nd layer of the battery enclosure.


Rendered images of our method of mounting our motor into the front of the car looks great! Final FEA is ongoing and ordering/fabrication will happen once the design is finalized.

Rendered image of motor and motor mounts for the Mooventure

Congratulations to Forrest!

A Mover and Shaker Award was given this week to Forrest Hawkinson! This award is given to team members who go above and beyond on their work for the team. Forrest is the design lead for mounting the motor in the Mooventure. Keep up the good work!