Final Words From the Team Leader: Eric Wills


Thanks to everyone that made an effort to help out this year.  We put in hours upon hours of hard work as we chased our goal of creating a working RCCI series hybrid vehicle.  Unfortunately the odds were stacked against us and we hit too many roadblocks to meet our goal of having the vehicle finished by the end of the semester.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I’m disappointed that we don’t have a working vehicle as I leave the team, but we did accomplish more than we realize over the course of the year.

Going into fall semester we had very little idea about what was actually going to be in the eMOOve.  Now we have a completely new battery mounted in the rear and a fully functional traction motor driving the rear wheels.  We were even able to do some awesome testing on a state of the art dyno at Ford.  Second semester we designed, fabricated, and installed our front genset and we’re just waiting for a motor.  All in all we accomplished a lot over the past two semesters, and we were simply one component away from finishing the car the way we wanted to.  However, the motor should be getting here soon, so a few summer nights should be all it takes to have it mounted to the engine and begin testing the genset.
It has been an awesome opportunity to work with all of you.  I have known some of you for four years, and some of you I just met this past semester, but I know all of you are great engineers and will continue to be an asset to the team.  This year was different than the past.  We were able to take more time doing things the right way instead of the quick way.  If nothing else, I hope that this is what I have left with the team.
Keep up the hard work, do things the right way, and never stop being innovative.”

Eric Wills
Team Leader 2011-2012  UW Hybrid Vehicle Team
University of Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team 2011-2012
University of Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team 2011-2012

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