Updates for a New Year of EcoCAR

Welcome to the Hybrid Vehicle Team web page for the second year of EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge.  The page for About the Team has been updated to reflect the new leadership and we are working to get more Team Member Details posted.  At the top of the page we now have an easy link to subscribe to our RSS feed.  We have also created a Twitter account for quick information updates about the team and now have our design report from year one posted.

This fall we are going to get started early with Engineering Bash on Tuesday, September 1st at 4pm and our kickoff meeting the following Tuesday, September 8th at 6.  Check the calendar or sign up for the mailing list to receive updates about kickoff.


Bessie atop the CN Tower in Toronto
Bessie atop the CN Tower in Toronto

Fall Workshop Travel Disaster

The team left Madison to head to the Fall Workshop in Detroit, MI. We checked out a university vehicle for transportation – unfortunately the only vehicle left was a 1997 Suburban that was missing most of the interior panels and smelled like gas. We made it all the way to Gilberts, Illinois before we slowly started to lose power until we could no longer maintain 45. Shortly thereafter the oil pressure dropped, coolant boiled and the engine seized. We barely made it off the road into the mosquito infested roadside to enjoy our 2 hours while we waited for a tow truck and a van to move 7 people and luggage to a safe location so we could rent a new vehicle.

As you can clearly see, people were not unloaded :)

We ended up getting dropped off at a hotel to await a ride to the airport to rent a van to continue driving to Detroit. Our ride arrived, a white stretch limo!

Not much room even in the stretch limo!
Not much room even in the stretch limo!

The limo took us to Ace Rent a Car, who saved us as the only rental place open at 11PM who would rent a van to a 23 year old.

After switching vehicles 4 times we finally arrived in Detroit at 5:30AM this morning, to get ready to get to the conference at 6:30AM (7:30EST) meaning no sleep for us today!!!

Toronto Location of Year 2009 Competition

Writing live from the Fall Workshop as the organizers announce that the 2009 EcoCAR challenge will take place in Toronto, Canada!  The Hybrid Vehicle Team is excited to prepare their hardware and software in the loop entries for the 2009 competition. Everybody get your passport ready!