About Us

Wisconsin Racing Autonomous team is an undergraduate student organization that builds a  1/3 scale formula style open wheel race car. This team is built up the same principles as regular formula, but with the extra element of self driving capabilities.

You can keep track of our progress here – MOST RECENT POSTS

Our car is uses an electric drivetrain, built upon a tube chassis. The main focus of the powertrain is to provide a reliable, long run time platform for autonomous research and development.

The goal of the autonomous systems is to be able to analyze any situation and navigate in any anticipated environment with little to no prior knowledge on the location. This is achieved via data collected with a large amount of sensors, including LiDAR, GPS, IMU, stereo cameras, etc… All the autonomous processing is performed by a NVIDIA Jetson Xavier and sends commands to the vehicles power train controller.

Contact Us

Email: wisconsinautonomous@gmail.com