The Mooventure is Driving!! – Major Team Update

The title says it all! I’ll try to go through some of the steps we’ve made to get this car functional and on the road!

When we last left off, the motor mount was completed and ready to be put in the car. That is exactly what happened. Once the motor was put in place, this allowed for measurements to be made to finalize the design of the CVs. The CVs were custom made in the shop, and were tricky to get perfect, but alas they were completed!

At the same time this CV work was happening, the new level 2 electric charge port needed to be machined and installed. Here you can see the completed product with the Mooventure charging up in our garage.

The Mooventure “refueling” with its custom made charge port – April 2017
Close up of The Mooventure charging up in the public EV charging station in the engineering parking ramp. – April 2017

After the motor was put in, all the auxiliary components to make the battery and motor work needed to be installed under the hood. This included a liquid coolant system that ran from the radiator in the front grill all the way to the batteries in the trunk. Here you can see what our car looks like under the hood.

A look at the auxiliary components and motor under the hood of our all electric vehicle, The Mooventure. April -2017
Aanothe look under the hood of The Mooventure – April 2017

Once everything critical was put in the car, our Lead Mechanic Max, our Technical Team lead Dimitrii, and our Controls Team Lead Roumen, took the Mooventure out for its first test run in the early morning rain of April 27th, 2017. The test was a success and we are proud to announce that The Mooventure officially became a functioning car!

We sent out a little teaser on our Instagram marking the first test drive of The Mooventure. “Hmmm it appears a wild Mooventure was out for a drive last night… Could it be??” – April 27th, 2017

After some more test runs, tuning, and a few more hurdles, The Mooventure can now be seen driving silently around Madison! Below you can see some photos/videos of The Mooventure enjoying the warm weather and the views around Madison.

The EV Mooventure next to its older brother The Bucky Wagon enjoying the view on Observatory Drive – April 2017
The Mooventure charging up in the public EV charging station in the engineering parking ramp. – April 2017

We want to thank everyone who made this achievement possible. First, all of our sponsors who supply the materials and funding for the vehicle, second our Advisor Glenn Bower for his wisdom and support, and finally I want to thank the team who got their hands dirty and made this car run. This was a team effort and everyone who chipped in to help this car run should feel proud.

The Mooventure taking a trip through the Arboretum:

We look forward to a productive summer of tuning The Mooventure, planning our next steps, outreach events, and continuing to learn every day. Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates!


Billy Walsh

Wisconsin Hybrid Team Administrator

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