Engine Dyno

The team has been working hard on getting the engine running just perfect. It started out a bit rough in the beginning, but after working through many issues and late nights it is making great power. We are now working on improving the engines emissions, fuel economy, and flex fuel capabilities. This engine will be able to propel the vehicle down the highway for great extended range! With a massive 16 gallon fuel tank, this is a going to a great addition to the car. We are currently working on the vehicles rear subframe and soon will be taking the engine off the dyno and integrating it into the vehicle. From there we can do some some real world engine tuning and perfect the vehicle.

Again, we would like to thank all our sponsors, without you this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank You to LADD Distribution

We would like to thank LADD Distribution for donating their connectors and pins! LADD Distribution specializes in the distribution of industrial electronic connectors and accessories, and these components will be critical for making our engine wiring harness that will help convert our EV, the Mooventure, into a series electric hybrid. Thank you for your continued support of our team!??

Kohler Engine Visit

Yesterday we toured Kohler’s engine facility and we got to see how they make their amazing Wisconsin based engines! They showed us their big block (pro and twin) assembly line and their dyno application center. They also graciously donated two engines that we need to make our hybrid run! We really appreciated their kindness and for taking the time to give us a tour. We look forward to working with Kohler again and are grateful for their support of the Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team!


Thank You, Mercury Marine!

We just received a ton of amazing products donated from Mercury as we continue our goal of making our electric vehicle, the Mooventure, a series hybrid! Thanks to the generous support of Mercury Marine, we received all these components (above) that will help make this goal possible. Mercury Marine is one of the world’s leaders in marine propulsion and we are very thankful for their support!