The Moolander

1st Place Overall in the 2002, 2003 and 2004 FutureTruck Competitions

The MoolanderThe University of Wisconsin – Madison FutureTruck Team has designed and built a four-wheel drive, charge sustaining, parallel hybrid-electric sport utility vehicle for entry into the FutureTruck 2004 competition.  This is a three-year project with tiered goals; the base vehicle for all years is a 2002 Ford Explorer.  Wisconsin’s FutureTruck, nicknamed the ‘Moolander’, weighs approximately 2000 kg.  The vehicle uses a high efficiency, 1.8 liter, turbo-charged, compression ignition common rail, direct-injection engine supplying approximately 85 kW of peak power and a AC induction motor that provides an additional 78 kW of peak power. This hybrid drivetrain is an attractive alternative to the large displacement V6 drivetrain, as it provides comparable performance with similar emissions and drastically reduced fuel consumption.  The PNGV Systems Analysis Toolkit (PSAT) model predicts a Federal Testing Procedure (FTP) combined driving cycle fuel economy of 16.74 km/L (39.4 mpg) with California Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) emissions levels. These goals were met while maintaining the full passenger/cargo capacity, appearance, and towing capacity of 2495 kg.

In an effort to minimize Greenhouse Gas emissions; mass was reduced, the drivetrain was hybridized to maximize city fuel economy and B35 fuel is being utilized to minimize upstream GHG factors.  Aluminum components were used whenever possible, including replacement of front and rear bumper beams with aluminum extrusions and an student built aluminum frame.  Closely matching the capacity of the hybrid battery, traction motor and motor controller have resulted in a lightweight fuel efficient hybrid design.  Competition results show that the hybrid powertrain doubled (16.74 km/L) the Moolander’s fuel economy compared to its stock counterpart (7.98 km/L). 

The Moolander is a highly recyclable, highly manufacturable, prototype hybrid SUV that is capable of achieving twice the fuel economy of the stock vehicle.

2004 Awards

Best On-Road Fuel Economy

Best Consumer Acceptability

Lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Best Oral Presentation

Visteon Innovative Use of Electronics Award – 3rd place

2003 Awards

Vehicle Design Inspection Award

Best Workmanship Award

Best Off-Road Performance

Best Technical Report

Best On-Road Fuel Economy

Delphi Advanced Powertrain Technology Award

2002 Awards

Lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Award

Innovations in Aluminum Award

Dr. Donald Streit Sportsmanship Award

Vehicle Design Inspection Award

Best Workmanship Award