The Mooventure

In the Fall of 2015 Johnson Controls donated a 2009 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid for the team to use as the basis of our next project. In the Spring of 2016 the team started to design the new architecture for the vehicle. We are excited about the learning opportunities ahead!

Thank you, Johnson Controls!

Mooventure with its fresh decals. – March 2017
The Mooventure in front of Engineering Centers Building, where our automotive shop on campus. – March 2017
We love our sponsors! – March 2017

The “Mooventure” in its new home at the University of Wisconsin Automotive Center – Late 2015

We have teamed up with Madison Area Technical College over the years for their expertise in vehicle painting and design so that our vehicles have top-notch paint schemes. We want to thank MATC for their great design and the hard work they put into this awesome paint job for the Mooventure!

Mooventure after its new paint job! Taking some photos with three other Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicles. – Fall 2017
Fast Facts
Batteries First generation Chevrolet Volt
Battery Voltage 355 V Li-Po, 45 Ah, and 16 kWh

The 96 cells range between 3.5-4.1 V

Motor Continental Sapphire Motor
Range 30+ miles
Power 113-200 kW at peak power, 79-95 kW continuously
Torque max 2500 Nm at 2500-RPM
Charge Time 2 hours from empty
Safety Airbags, seatbelts, and crash shut down
Accessories Built in Garmin GPS, Power Flow Display, Bluetooth, voice activated features. USB for music, and Ford Work Solutions

In Spring 2017 the Mooventure finally started moving by its own power. Using a Sapphire Motor and first generation Chevy Volt batteries the 2009 Ford Escape is now fully electric.

For the sapphire motor to rest in the engine bay a motor mount had to be designed, as well as the batteries to rest in the trunk. Once modeled in SolidWorks team members checked the safety and function of the designs using FEA.

The CV axles from the stock car had to be shortened to fit to the new motor.

Currently, test data has shown that the range of the Mooventure is 30+ miles on a full charge. It takes about 2 hours to charge from empty.

The Plug-In Electric Vehicle’s Sapphire Motor was built by Continental and powers the front wheels. The motor has an internal integrated controller, inverter, and DC/DC converter which frees up space surrounding it. The motor gives 113-200 kW at peak power and 79-95 kW continuously. The max torque is 2500 Nm at 2500 RPM.

The Chevrolet Volt batteries were first delivered in their manufactured T formation. The batteries are Lithium-Polymer. Once the coolant lines were cut and the BMS was up and running we were able to reconfigure the batteries to fit into the powder-coated battery tray. The Batteries provide 355 V and 45 Ah. Each of the 96 cells range between  3.5-4.1 V.

For interior accessories the vehicle has a built in Garmin GPS and power flow display. There are voice activated features with Bluetooth and USB for music.

There is standard safety of working airbags and seat-belts as well as crash shutdown.